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Welcome to Pet Spoilers! We are a fully bonded and insured professional pet sitting and dog walking company dedicated to enriching your pet's lives and making your life a little bit easier. Our services are available in Hollywood and surrounding areas. Whether you're away on vacation or working long hours, we can be there to provide your pets with the love and attention they need when you can't be at home.

With our daily dog walking service you will never again have to race home from work because your dog has been waiting to relieve himself. You can relax knowing that your dog has been walked and played with earlier in the day. You can even schedule us to come by in the evening to feed and walk your dog when you can't make it home right after work. You can go straight from work out to dinner and a movie knowing that your pet has been cared for by a trusted Pet Spoilers pet sitter.

Rian and Ralph
Sydney and Strypie

Do you hate the thought of your best friend being stuck in a cage at a kennel while you're out of town? With our vacation care services your pet can stay in the comfort of his or her own home and enjoy the company of a loving and attentive pet sitter while you're away. We will come by as often as your pet needs us, or we can even stay overnight so your best friend has someone to snuggle up to in the evening.

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